Tips For Attracting Customers To Your Craft Show Booth

deanna May 20, 2017 Events
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Are you making the rounds at craft shows and art fairs this season? Stand out from the crowds with a bold, creative and inviting booth. Here are some things you can do to attract customers when it comes to setting up that stand:

Hang an awesome banner: Make it pop with bold colors and creative imagery to intrigue potential customers enough that they want to come over and see what’s inside. Display your banner in a spot where it can be easily seen.

Use a backdrop: With a custom backdrop you can make your customers feel like they are at a quaint boutique, instead of at a festival with hundreds of other vendors and a huge crowd.

Provide business cards: Art fairs and craft shows are busy, and people may get distracted. Keep a stack of business cards on the table where they are easily accessible. Make sure to include a website, so the  potential customer can check out your offerings at a later time.

Have brochures readily available: People may want to know your background and/or information about your items. If you are busy with other customers, your brochure may answer their questions and help them decide if they’d like to buy.

Display signage: Make it easy for the customer to know what they are looking at and what the price is with clear, custom signage.

At Bellia Print & Design we have a fantastic team of experienced graphic designers who can help you create unified branding and a great design to bring the most customers into your booth.