4 Reasons to Include Digital Printing and Variable Data in your Marketing Plan

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Are you using Digital Printing and Variable Data as part of your marketing strategy in 2019? You should be! Here’s why:

1 – Shorter Turnaround: With digital printing, there are no lengthy setups so we can get your job done fast. Our added promise: since we are printing in-house, we closely monitor the quality of your job every time!

2 – Affordable: Because we save on time, we save you on high set up fees!  Choosing digital print gives you lower per costs price for most print runs, and as your quantity goes up you can save more.

3 – High Quality: Today’s advances have increased the quality and accuracy of digital printers, and Bellia has invested in top of the line digital printers to increase quality prints comparable to offset printing.

4 – More Options: In this ever growing technology era, digital printing has evolved to offer advanced printing techniques like foil stamping, die cuts, raised printing, UV & aqueous finishes, binding options, and variable data personalization.

And why you are at it, use Variable Data to personalize your materials!

By using Variable Data to customize your mail pieces, Bellia Print and Design can tailor the project to speak directly to your customer, increase interest and ensure that your mail marketing efforts are more effectively!

Call today to speak with a customer service representative or fill out a quote request today!

Prepare for 2019 – print your marketing materials now!

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Use it, don’t lose it! The end of the year is almost here! So get a jump start on 2019 and order your new marketing materials!

Right now is the perfect time to order more of your:

  • Flyers and brochures – Print large quantities of your favorite sales materials so that you have them on hand when your team needs them
  • Business cards – It is important that each employee has up to date business card
  • Letterhead and envelopes – Stationary never goes out of style. Make sure oyu have some on hand
  • Direct Mail – Have you determined what your Q1 marketing campaign will be? Now is a great time to plan it

Visit us at www.belliaprinting.com for some more ideas and to get a quote. We look forward to helping you prepare for the upcoming year with the ultimate goal of assisting you in growing your business.

45th Anniversary

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Bellia Print and Design is pleased to announce that we are celebrating our 45th year in business.

We a third generation family owned and operated business that was founded by Nancy and Salvatore Bellia in October of 1973 when a small printing company was purchased in Woodbury, NJ. Sons, Anthony Sr and Tom, continued to build and expand Bellia throughout the 80s and 90s and is now run by the third generation, grandsons Anthony, Michael, Andrew and Salvatore, and it is made up of two successful businesses, Bellia Print and Design and Bellia Workspace Professionals. As we continue to grow, we remain steadfast in our ideals and principles of integrity, quality service, community involvement and providing a family atmosphere. We want to thank our customers, our staff and the community for making our business the strong family business it is today.

Bellia Print & Design is on Instagram

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Here at Bellia Print & Design we believe that the key to our success has been attributed to the relationship with our customers. Which is why we are very excited to announce that we just created a page on – INSTAGRAM! So head over to instagram and follow us at – belliaprinting! And if we’ve recently printed one of your projects share and tag us – we would love to see! You can tag us at belliaprinting and by using the #belliaprintanddesign


Tips for getting noticed at Trade Shows and Expos

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The craft show and expo season is in full swing, and if you are going to be attending, it is important for you to get the attention it deserves.  Here are a few tips to help your booth stand out from the rest:


Secure a Great Location

Securing the best space that you can afford is worth it.  Sometimes a good space is too expensive, so you can try to partner up with another business so that you can share the cost.  One of the best locations to choose is facing the end of a long row, that way people will be walking towards you all day and your brand will get noticed.  


Customize your backdrop.  A custom backdrop will help your brand stand out from the rest.  Oftentimes expos and craft shows feature hundreds of other vendors, so customizing your backdrop can creating an inviting and personalized space for customers to visit.


Hang a banner. One of the best ways to advertise your brand is with  a banner that uses bold colors. By displaying your banner is a spot that can be easily seen, people who are walking by are going to want to stop and take a look.


Provide business cards.  By keeping a stack of business cards on your table, it will guarantee that potential customers will remember you.  Make sure that your business cards include your website, so customers can see what your have to offer.


Distribute Brochures. Sometimes at big expos or shows, you are too busy to get to every customer immediately.  While people are waiting to speak to you, you can let them view a brochure to find out more about you.


Display signage. Printed signage is easy to hang from piping or display on tabletops.Custom signage will allow customers to know what they are looking at and the price.


Getting ready for a trade show or expo, at Bellia Print & Design, we have an experienced team of graphic designers who can help you create and customize everything you need.  Call us today for more information.

Growing Your Business? You need these 3 things!

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Are you looking to take your business, to the next level? Congratulations! Here are the 3 printed items that your business needs.

1 – Business cards: While growing a business it is important to give business cards out frequently. You never know who is in the market for your services. Make sure that your business cards are professional and easy to read.

2- Brochures and flyers: A professional brochure or one-page flyer will help communicate that you’re a specialist in your industry. Professional graphics and designs are essential – a basic brochure can be a turn off.

3- Letterhead and envelopes: Professional letterhead is vital for sending invoices, thank you notes, cover letters, etc., and exudes professionalism and stability. It should have the company logo, as well as the company name, address, phone number, and website.

Do you need help creating new printed items for your business? Give us a call at (856) 845-2234 or contact us on our website.

Five Things to Include on Your Rack Card

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Things to Include on Your Rack Card

Are you trying to attract more customers? Let’s look at Things to Include on Your Rack Card. Rack cards can help your business gain visibility while allowing prospects to take information with them. They are a great way to distribute your message to a large audience at a tradeshow, special event, in-store display or tourist attraction.

Things to Include on Your Rack Card:

Attention Grabbing Design. Your rack cards will be displayed in high-volume areas. You’ll want your card to stand out so those passing by will pick it up.

A special offer. Including a discount code or coupon will make a potential customer want to take your card to keep on hand.

Your QR code. This will link customers directly to any additional information online.

Your Business Info. Make sure to include the name of your business, phone number, address and website.

Branded Messaging. What is it that you want to convey to potential customers?

Bellia Print & Design prints high-quality full color, single or double-sided rack cards for small or large quantity orders. Our team would be happy to discuss ideas with you. Please visit our website for more information.

Bellia Print & Design wins Best Printer award in Gloucester County

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Best Printer award

The results are in, and Bellia Print & Design is excited to announce we are the recipient of the 2018 Best of Gloucester County award for Best Printer (Best Printer award)   This honor means so much because you, our customers, decided the winners. Thank you all so much for voting – we love serving you!

Businesses were nominated for the awards through the Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce’s “Shop. Dine. Go Local” promotion.

To see the complete list of winners please visit:


For more information on Bellia Print & Design please visit our website here.


Get Creative with your Wedding Place Cards

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Wedding Place Cards

It’s your wedding and your style!  Who says place cards need to be placed directly on a table? If you are looking to get creative with your Wedding Place Cards display, here are some ideas:

·       Attach Wedding Place Cards to your favors.

·       Hang the Wedding Place Cards with clothespins from twine for a rustic feel. 

·       Carve notches in a wooden log and stand cards upright.

·       If you are a cork collector, make slits in corks to hold the place cards.

·       For a winter wedding, use pinecones as stands.

·       Pin the cards to a pretty framed corkboard.

·       Place them in mini picture frames that your guests can take home.  

·       Display the cards on a bed of flowers.

The options are endless.  At Bellia Print & Design, we have a dedicated design team that can create beautiful place cards to match your theme. Visit here to learn more.

Reasons to Carry a Business Card

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Business cards are an essential part of your marketing arsenal. A unique one will make you and your business stand out. Here are more reasons why you need one:

For networking. Going to an event, party, or gathering where there will be new faces? By handing out your business card, you can easily market yourself to potential clients and customers with little effort.

As a convenient way to exchange info.  While mostly everyone carries a smart phone, not everyone stores their business contacts in it, or wants to take it out and start inputting info. A business card has everything your new contact needs in one place.

For a professional look. A quality business card shows you care about the details, important when it comes to attracting new customers and clients.

To show your personal brand. You can personalize your business card so it’s a reflection of you and your business. And we can help!

Bellia offers a wide variety of durable stock paper and finishes to choose from for your custom business cards. We have a talented graphic design team available that can create a unique card for you that reflects your brand and image.