5 reasons to use a graphic designer

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Why should you use a graphic designer? The goal of sales collateral is to introduce, promote, and gain exposure for your business. A poor design can do as much harm as a well-fitting professional design can enhance your company’s value and increase sales. But luckily Bellia Print and Design offers graphic design services, so that you can design and print your materials all in one place! Here are the top 5 reasons to use a professional graphic designer.

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5 reasons to use a graphic designer

  1. You already have enough to do: You have a business to run and your own duties to tend to. You don’t have time to try to learn design programs. You also don’t have the skill set and knowledge of logos and marketing that a professional graphic designer does. Delegate this to a professional so it can be done correctly in a fraction of the time it would take you, while taking you away from the things you should be focusing on. Use a graphic designer to save time.
  2. It will save you money: When you own a business, time is money. Focus your time on running and growing your business- your clients, the day to day, etc. Hire a professional graphic designer to create your logo and marketing materials. They are knowledgeable about the programs available and the best one to use for the designs they have in mind for you.Use a graphic designer to save money
  3. You want your company to stand out: You want unique and professional marketing collateral to help your company to stand out, and a professional graphic designer can do that for you. They know what works and what doesn’t, and they’re up to date on current trends and what draws people in. They can create a look that both represents your company and serves as a professional and exceptional first impression. Use a graphic designer make an impression.
  4. A consistent and cohesive look: Using the same person to create your entire marketing suite will keep everything cohesive and professional. Graphic designers know which fonts to use where and will keep everything consistent throughout. Don’t try to recreate their work for other materials to “save time” or “save money”, as it will only cost you more in the long run. Use a graphic designer to create standards.
  5. Get the results you want: Sometimes it can be hard to get your thoughts onto paper. After speaking with you, a professional graphic designer will be able to put together an idea from your preferences and the things you’ve deemed important. They can take your ideas and their expertise and put together a marketing suite that will help your business achieve the goals you have for it. Use a graphic designer to get results

Bellia Print and Design has a graphic design department that specializes in the latest digital design platforms. They will work directly with you throughout the process to ensure your company’s message comes across and is the way you envisioned it. Our design team creates bold, eye-catching products that will continually impress you and your clients. Whether you need your current designs updated or completely revamped, our design team can help you! Visit our graphic design page for more information about our services and to request a free quote.

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highest quality printing

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Looking for the highest quality printing then look to Bellia. At Bellia, we strive to provide our customers with exceptional products and services. While our previous Digital Printing Press helped us to do just that, we decided to invest in the latest and greatest technology-which just became available this Spring by upgrading to the Canon imagePRESS C8000VP Series Color Digital Press.

It has the highest quality printing (color) rating of any printer in the industry, is most reliable printing press available, and we are the first in the area to have it!

This new press can print up to 100, 2400×2400 dpi, letter-size images per minute on a number of different media weights. It prints in black and white and color, and thanks to the amazing resolution, it will help to bring your images to life. It also offers real-time, automatic color control and adjustments, more accurate calibration, and a stream-lined workflow thanks to the extremely powerful front-end computer. We can manage the massive variable data files even faster by processing over 100,000 pages of data per minute! That is twice as fast as our existing equipment which will allow us to provide you, our customers, with the best possible products in a shorter amount of time. It also means we can take on larger projects and have them completed much faster than before. Thanks to this new machine, and over 40 years of printing and design experience, we will be able to offer an even better experience and higher quality products you can’t get anywhere else.

Do you have a project that you’d like to bring to life? Contact us!

Top 5 Printed Items Your Business Needs

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As a business, it is important to have a solid and cohesive printed items to showcase your company, products, and services. Some companies have shied away from printed collateral thanks to the rise of digital media and social networking. While digital information is easily found and accessible, actual printouts are still extremely crucial for businesses since they allow for you to brand yourself to the customer even after your meeting ends.

Here are the top 5 printed items your business needs-

  1. Business cards: These are the recipients’ introduction to you and your business. It is important for them to give pertinent information, but to also make a positive first impression. You need a professional logo and look – this is not a place to cut corners. A professional business card is a necessity when promoting yourself and your business.
  2. Letterhead and envelopes: Professional letterhead is important because it can be used for invoices, thank you notes, cover letters, etc., and exudes professionalism and stability. It should have the company logo, as well as the company name, address, phone number, and website.
  3. Brochures and flyers: Not everyone relies on the web. Some people don’t have internet access and want more than just your business card in order to get to know you and your company. A professional brochure or one page flyer could be the difference between a “maybe” and a “definitely”. You need to convey that you’re an expert in your industry and your potential client needs you in a concise and clear manner. Professional graphics and design are important here as well – a basic brochure can be a turn off, while nice graphics and professionally written bullet points can win you business.
  4. Company/product/service fact sheets: These should contain the company logo and basic company information. A company fact sheet should also have the following- the date the company was founded, the location of the headquarters and any affiliate offices, names and brief backgrounds of founders and upper-level management. Product and service fact sheets are a nice, simple way for potential clients, investors, and business partners to see what you offer.
  5. Press Kit: A professional press kit is important, not just for presenting your company to the media, but also to investors, potential clients, and professional partners. The company logo should be featured prominently and it should include a recent news release, company fact sheet, product or services fact sheet, any recent articles written about the company, a business card, and a personalized letter pitching your company, product and/or service. This is not a place to cut corners. You need a professional logo and look in order to portray yourself, and your company, in a professional manner. The use of language, images, and graphics are important and the proper use of each can have an immensely positive impact on your business.

Do you need help creating new printed items for your business? Give us a call at (856) 845-2234 or contact us on our website.


Variable Data | the secret ingredient to direct mail campaigns

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Incorporate Variable Data into your Direct Mail campaign if you want to stand out from the pile of mail on your customer’s desk.

What is Variable Data? – Variable Data is a customized mail piece to each customer! Bellia uses customer information or purchase history information to tailor your message or special offer to each customer.

What is it usually used on?  – Typically these types of campaigns are used on postcardscatalogs, brochures and other marketing materials.

How does Bellia change the message on each customer mailing item? –Using our advanced software we can change text like greetings, signatures, offers, pictures, QR codes and even URL’s based on your data as it’s printing.

What can Variable Data do for me? – By customizing your mail piece you are making it personal which will:

  • Build a stronger relationship with your prospects
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Set you apart from your competitors
  • Allow for you to tailor your message/special offer to that exact person

Here’s an example – 


Would you like to learn how Variable Info can help grow your business? Contact us today!  (856) 845-2234

7 Secret Tips To Improve Your Brochures

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Want to improve your brochures? Did you know that your brochure can be the most impactful marketing piece for your company? You can mail it to potential clients to introduce them to your brand, or you can leave it after a sales call to reinforce your sales pitch. Providing you with flexibility on when you want to deliver your message without having to customize it for each individual sales stage.

Today’s post is going to provide you with 7 secret tips to improve your brochures so that your design can help deliver results!

  1. Logo – make it memorable and consistent
  2. Less is more – ensure that you have a right balance between your text/photo ratio
  3. Colors – draw attention to your brochure with coordinating colors and pictures that draw the reader in.
  4. Use headlines to convey valuable information
  5. Make sure your contact information is legible
  6. Include a call to action
  7. Proofread your brochure, and then ask a friend to do the same!

At Bellia Print and Design we can help you improve your brochures so they convey vital information effectively all while ensuring that you are speaking to your audience with a bold design that is sure to impress your target audience.

At Bellia Print and Design, we offer full color, double-sided printing on Text Gloss or Matte Paper stock with various coating options and sizes to make your brochure stand out and speak to your customer with style.  You can choose to send us your creation for print or speak directly with our graphic designer to bring your ideas to life in a professional, eye-catching design.  Our state of the art printing equipment allows us to control the quality in-house, so there are no minimum order requirements, and you can get what you need fast with service and quality you can trust.



Direct Mail FAQ & Tips

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di·rect mail: a marketing method in which carefully targeted prospects are presented with custom offers for goods or services via ordinary mail.

Q: What response can I expect?

A: Response varies greatly depending on who and when you are mailing as well as the effectiveness of your mail design.  If you are mailing your own customer base you can expect better returns.  According to the Direct Marketing Association’s 2015 DMA Response Rate Report Direct mail achieves a 3.7% response rate with a house list, and a 1.0% response rate with a prospect list.1

Q: Who should I mail to?

A:  You want to target people who meet the same criteria as your best customers.  You should take your time to define your ideal customer considering demographics like age, sex, marital status, income bracket, occupation, geographical location, industry, lifestyle and hobbies.  Bellia’s team of experts can help you purchase a targeted list, saturate and entire area with Every Door Direct Mail, or cater your mailing to your house list.

Q: How much does Direct Mail cost?

A:  Direct mail cost vary based on each campaign but will typically include:

  • Postage – Bellia will help you save money by capturing bulk mail discounts even as low as .175 cents for EDDM!
  • Printing costs of the mailer
  • Design costs if needed
  • Cost to purchase targeted lists
  • Administrative costs including mailing services to sort, verify and delivery mail campaign.


  • A survey by the International Communications Research revealed that 73% of consumers actually prefer traditional mail over other advertising methods.2
  • In a survey by Mail Print, 70% of people said after receiving a mailer from a business they had stopped using, they renewed their relationships with them.3
  • According to the Direct Marketing Association, after receiving a mailer, 44% of people visit the brands website, 34% search for them online, 26% save it for future reference.4

TIPS for a better Mailshot:

  • Get a targeted list to save time and money while increasing your ROI.
  • Personalize your mail piece with variable data to tailor your mail directly to your prospect.
  • Use a colorful, eye-catching design to make sure your brand stands out.
  • Add incentives and value with a promotion, discount, rebate or sale.
  • Use a quality printer! With Bellia we make sure the final professional and appealing, and gets to your audience on time!

Have more questions or want to learn more?  Call us today to speak directly with a sales representative, or fill out a quote request today!


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Endless Possibilities For Printing Big

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With Bellia’s wide-format printing capabilities we can help bring your idea to life with high quality posters, banners and more!  There are various applications for wide-format printing:

  • Signs & posters
  • Large banners
  • Window displays
  • Presentation Boards
  • Large Tradeshow Displays
  • Décor (custom printed artwork, photos, wall coverings)
  • And more!


Our team at Bellia is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction by making the process easy and ensuring that your finished project is flawless.  Our large format color printers allow us to product 600-dpi, photo quality images up to 60” wide and 150 ft long.  Automatic 6 color calibration guarantees high-quality output every time. Check out more info on Posters & Signs here.


Graphic Design – Our expert graphic designers are eager and ready to help you create an incredible, eye-catching graphic for your next project. 


Call today to speak directly with one of our sales representatives.

Maximize Your Marketing Dollars!

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Use Digital Printing and Variable Data as part of your marketing strategy.

Welcome to the Digital Era!

With over 4 decades of printing experience we continually work hard to stay above the technology curve and offer our customers the latest in digital printing.  Why digital print?

  • Shorter Turnaround: With digital printing there are no lengthy set ups so we can get your job done fast. Our added promise: since we are printing in-house, we closely monitor the quality of your job every time!
  • Affordable: Because we save on time, we save you on high set up fees!  Choosing digital print gives you lower per costs price for most print runs, and as your quantity goes up you can save more.
  • High Quality: Today’s advances have increased the quality and accuracy of digital printers and Bellia has invested in top of the line digital printers to increase quality prints comparable to offset printing.
  • More Options: In this ever growing technology era, digital printing has evolved to offer advanced printing techniques like foil stamping, die cuts, raised printing, UV & aqueous finishes, binding options and variable data personalization.

Variable Data Personalization

By customizing your mail piece, Bellia can tailor projects to speak directly to your customer, increase interest and ensure that your mail marketing efforts are more effective!

  • Build a stronger relationship with your prospects
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Use customer information or purchase history to tailor your message or special offer
  • Personalize postcards, appeal mailings, and other marketing materials.
  • Using our advanced software we can change text like greetings and signatures, offers, pictures, QR codes and URL’s based on your data.

Call today to speak with a customer service representative or fill out a quote request today!


Bellia Printing is Growing!

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We are currently looking for a qualified sales rep to call on local businesses in the New Jersey – Philadelphia Markets.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to be part of a team of fun, hardworking and family friendly individuals.

Below you’ll find a job description and summary of qualifications that we are looking for in the right candidate, but also feel free to check out our About Us section where you’ll learn more about our Mission, Culture Statement and current team members!



We are looking for an outgoing and resourceful person to fulfill a business development role as part of our sales team.  This is an exciting role that gets you out of the office and has limitless potential for growth.   The ideal sales person will generate revenue by developing market potential through forecasting, lead generation, qualification, and closing sales.  We want a driven and dedicated individual who is willing to build lasting relationships with new clients.  In this role you will maintain direct contact with customers to help create strategic marketing plans using various forms of print material to reach targeted audience.


Why Choose Print? Print Marketing In a Digital Era

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In in an era where technology is taking over it might seem like everything is going digital. Email has increased, businesses are phasing out paper receipts, and dinner reservations online are becoming more popular. Honestly, almost anything can be done online.

Well, you might be surprised to find out that despite the trend for everything to go digital, print is NOT dead. In fact, the reality is that print is a very powerful media and businesses are continuing to utilize print for marketing materials. We want to share quite a few reasons why we are sure you should choose print too! Read more