Get Creative with your Wedding Place Cards

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Wedding Place Cards

It’s your wedding and your style!  Who says place cards need to be placed directly on a table? If you are looking to get creative with your Wedding Place Cards display, here are some ideas:

·       Attach Wedding Place Cards to your favors.

·       Hang the Wedding Place Cards with clothespins from twine for a rustic feel. 

·       Carve notches in a wooden log and stand cards upright.

·       If you are a cork collector, make slits in corks to hold the place cards.

·       For a winter wedding, use pinecones as stands.

·       Pin the cards to a pretty framed corkboard.

·       Place them in mini picture frames that your guests can take home.  

·       Display the cards on a bed of flowers.

The options are endless.  At Bellia Print & Design, we have a dedicated design team that can create beautiful place cards to match your theme. Visit here to learn more.

Share the Good News with an Announcement

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You have some exciting news to share! You won’t want it to get lost in the never-ending inbox! Or worse, sent to junk-mail. Let others in on the fun with a standout paper announcement. Some ideas:

The Birth Announcement: Friends and family can’t wait to hear the news. It’s important to include all of the info and stats as people may want to send personalized gifts.
The New Home Announcement: Friends and family will want to update their address books, especially when the holidays are approaching and they have cards to send!
The Graduation Announcement: You did it, you worked hard and earned that degree! It’s time to celebrate your accomplishment. Your recipients may have connections in your field, and now that they know you graduated, that may translate into introductions.
The Engagement Announcement: You’re getting ready to tie the knot, and friends and family will be so happy for you. Let them put it on the fridge as a sweet reminder the big day is not far away.

Whatever the cause for celebration, Bellia Print & Design can put together a gorgeous customized announcement just for you. We print everything from full color, double-sided announcements to heavy card stock invitations with a gloss or matte finishing. We have a variety of paper sizes, and you can also opt to have your special message printed as a magnet! For more information visit:

How to Grab Attention with a Poster

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Posters are a great marketing tool, especially for small businesses that are promoting a special, or an event. Not only are they cost-effective, but they have flexibility in terms of size and shape to fit your desired location.

Here’s how to grab people’s attention with one:

Use sharp graphics and bold colors. The design is what will first draw people in.

Use a catchy headline.  Make people want to take a couple of seconds to find out more.

But keep it simple. Don’t overload with text. When people are sitting at a traffic stop and see the poster on the sidewalk, they’ll need enough time to make sense of the info.

Place in high-traffic areas. Depending on your audience, you’ll want to post at places such as busy intersections, as well as library, community center, gym and supermarket bulletin boards where permitted.

With various size and paper stock options to choose from, and a graphic design team available to get your ideas on paper, Bellia Print & Design is here to help you design the perfect poster. For more information visit here.

Choosing a Wedding Theme

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Choosing a Wedding Theme

Thinking about Choosing a Wedding Theme? If you are overwhelmed by all of the decisions you have to make, having a theme will help to narrow down your choices such as cake, flowers, décor, and stationery, to name a few.

Don’t know where to begin? Here are some starters for Choosing a Wedding Theme

Have your wedding reflect your style. Are you more bohemian, traditional, modern, etc?

Do you already have a dress?  Is it trendy or classic? Does it have lace, a pattern, or some sparkle to it? These details can be incorporated into other areas of your wedding.

Do you and your fiancé have mutual interests or hobbies? Do you both like to travel, read, have a favorite movie, or are you big sports fans? Pick a favorite, and the ideas will just start to flow. 

Base your theme on the season. If you are interested in colors for a theme, the season your wedding is taking place is a great inspiration. 

Location. You can base the theme according to where your wedding is taking place. For example, if you are having a destination wedding on an island, you’ll probably want a tropical theme, and if it’s taking place somewhere more rural, you can go with rustic.  

At Bellia Print + Design, we have a dedicated design team that can create the perfect stationery to match your theme. With many different paper options, we can create beautiful and unique pieces, including invitations, announcements, rsvp cards, menus, custom envelopes and more for your special day. Visit here to learn more. 

Reasons to Carry a Business Card

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Business cards are an essential part of your marketing arsenal. A unique one will make you and your business stand out. Here are more reasons why you need one:

For networking. Going to an event, party, or gathering where there will be new faces? By handing out your business card, you can easily market yourself to potential clients and customers with little effort.

As a convenient way to exchange info.  While mostly everyone carries a smart phone, not everyone stores their business contacts in it, or wants to take it out and start inputting info. A business card has everything your new contact needs in one place.

For a professional look. A quality business card shows you care about the details, important when it comes to attracting new customers and clients.

To show your personal brand. You can personalize your business card so it’s a reflection of you and your business. And we can help!

Bellia offers a wide variety of durable stock paper and finishes to choose from for your custom business cards. We have a talented graphic design team available that can create a unique card for you that reflects your brand and image.

Happy Holidays!

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We wish you a very happy holiday season, filled with laughter and joy, and time well spent with family.  As a third generation family business serving the South Jersey community for over 44 years, we are very appreciate of family, and for our team and customers who we think of as our extended family.

We’re incredibly thankful for your continued support, and are looking forward to serving you in the new year!

Happy holidays!

Best wishes,

The Bellia Print and Design Team

Grow Your Business with Direct Mail

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With the year winding down, now is the time to start thinking about how you can grow your business in the new year.

One way is through direct mail.  We have a skilled in-house marketing team that can design and print postcards, catalogs, brochures and other promotional pieces to grab attention and showcase your business. 

We offer comprehensive direct mail services, so our team can then mail these items to your current customer list and your prospect list. And, if you’d like of a list of potential customers, we can create that too by focusing on demographics in a specific area.

Another service we offer is variable data, where we create a customized piece for each customer. By using customer information or purchase history, we can tailor your message or special offer to each person on your list.  This is a great tool for building stronger relationships with your current customer base, starting relationships with your prospects, enhancing customer loyalty, and setting your company apart from the competition.

Let us help you with your direct mail needs, and you can watch your business grow. Contact us at (856) 845-2234.

What to Include on an Invoice

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The invoice is vital to any business transaction. In a sea of never ending papers, it’s important that your customer can easily find the invoice from your company, clearly understand what services they are receiving, and how much they owe.

Here’s what you should include on your invoice:

Company logo. Business forms should be a continuation of your brand, making it easy for the customer to know which company this specific invoice is from.

The word “invoice.” The customer will want to make sure they have the correct document in hand.

Company/seller contact information.  If the customer has a question they can easily get in touch.

Customer contact information.  The seller may need to follow up with a customer, or deliver the goods or services to the customer’s address.

Invoice Number.  The number will help the seller easily pull up and track info on the goods/services purchased.

Date invoice was issued. Always include the date the invoice was created.

Date balance is due. The seller should be clear about when the balance is due, and how much they will owe if payment is late.

Balance owed. The seller should include the total amount of goods/services purchased, balance due, taxes, handling fees and any other charges associated with the transaction.

Description of goods or services. The customer should know exactly what he/she is getting and the quantity.

Thank you.  It’s always a nice gesture to thank customers for their business. You can even include promotional discount codes for future orders here as well.


At Bellia, we have a wonderful graphic design team that can help you design new forms for your business with your logo, company information and color themes, or you can supply your files to us for professional high-quality printing at affordable prices.  Besides invoices, other business forms frequently ordered from our customers include: Order forms, estimates, receipt books, NCR-carbonless sheets, contracts, and personnel and HR documents.  Our goal is to help you represent your brand and clearly inform your clients with effective eye-catching forms for your business.

Planning Your Holiday Party with Paper

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Whether you are planning a holiday party for a large office, or a smaller gathering for family and friends, here are some stationery products you can incorporate into your event to make it even merrier:

Invitation: A festive design and warm greeting will get everyone excited for a good time. A paper invitation is a great way to set the tone for your event.

Menu: A printed menu for a sit-down meal adds some elegance and lets your guests know what delicious food they can look forward to dining on.

Place Cards: If you are having more than a dozen people, it’s a good idea to use place cards. This will cut down on the chaos by giving your guests direction, and a pretty design brightens up the table.

Thank You Cards: A heartfelt note telling your guests how much you enjoyed their company goes a long way, and if a hostess gift was given or food item was brought, letting them know how appreciated it was is a must!

Bellia Print & Design has a talented graphic design team and a variety of paper options to choose from. We’d be happy to help you design your holiday party stationery!

Bellia Celebrates its 44th Anniversary!

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Salvatore Bellia’s main goal was to build a business he could pass on to future generations, and three generations later, that dream is still going strong.   

In 1973 Salvatore and Nancy Bellia borrowed $10,000 to start a business, and bought a small printing company on North Broad Street in Woodbury, NJ, where they sold office supplies to businesses and residents of Gloucester County.  Now, Bellia Print & Design has a second location in Glassboro, and has branched off to Bellia Work + Space Professionals, an office furniture and interior workspace design company, also located in Woodbury.

Times may have changed throughout the years – Bellia Print & Design has gone from working with traditional printing methods to an all-digital process, and has become the area’s leading full-service design printing company.  However Bellia’s values and commitment to customers have remained the same. Treating everyone like family is how it has always been.  Bellia would like to thank the community, who they think of as family, for all of their continued support.

Bellia looks forward to serving the community for many more years to come, and remembers what Grandfather Salvatore always had to say: “Be passionate about all the important things in your life.”