South Jersey Large Format Scanning Service

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When you need a South Jersey large format scanning service, Bellia is the proven name for your goals. Since 1973, Bellia has given its patrons the high quality printing, direct mailing, graphic design, and event planning for clients in the South Jersey and greater Philadelphia areas. From the humble beginnings,  founders  Salvatore & Nancy Bellia purchased a small printing company on North Broad Street in Woodbury, NJ and sold office supplies to the residents and small businesses of Gloucester County. Throughout our tenure, we have kept strong their mission to consistently explore new areas of growth for our company so we are able to maintain our quality commitment to our customers and community.

Our scanning services leave no limits for businesses who desire to make a big impact. At Bellia, our equipment is expanded, making our capabilities to suit just about all of your needs limitless!  The biggest factor? The equipment is in house! Our world class equipment from the best manufactures which allows us to closely monitor the quality and make sure that your job is done on time.  No job is too small or large for our capacity. We can scan any size documents to a file, no matter the need. 

For your printing, scanning, and design inquiries on South Jersey large format scanning service – join Bellia to reach your unlimited potential!

South Jersey Photo Printing and Mounting

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For 42 years, Bellia has been THE South Jersey photo printing and mounting provider. Their storied reign as the go to for all your printing and marketing needs stems from their diligence in maintaining their core values and beliefs.

  • A work environment that flows with creativity, growth, and a dedicated hunger for hard work.
  • Open and honest relationships to better the collaborative experience between our team and our clients.
  • Respect and acknowledging the needs of our clients before our own interests- we offer our expertise to your vision.
  • Consistency in our commitment to our team, customers, and growth in the industry
  • Involvement with our community that helped establish us.

These principle are part of the fabric that holds our reputation as the best in South Jersey photo printing and mounting. When it comes to getting your message out there, its pertinent that you know and use all the options that will best spread your message as efficient as possible. We use the best graded equipment, top professionals, and a proven template to help further your brand, event, or campaign.

Aside from the functionality, the art of visual presentation of representation is one that everyone would love to master. The ability to accurately portray you sentiment, value, offerings, and goals with the right text, font, and graphic can exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression on who or what you are trying to appease to. That being said, mastering this practice has its own set of challenges. What exactly are you trying to say? To who? Why? We want to bring your ideas to life.

Our services include:

  • Direct Mail

For more on formats, specials, and quotes, click here

South Jersey’s Wedding Invitation Headquarters

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When it comes to beautifully printed invites that get responses, Bellia Printing is South Jersey’s wedding invitation headquarters! We offer a complete wedding package that includes beautifully designed announcements, invitations, RSVP cards, custom envelopes and much more. Our top notch graphic design artists will meet with you, discuss the plans for your big day, and create a bold and eye catching invitation for all of your guests.

We know that this is going to be one of the biggest days of your life, and we also know the stress and challenges of planning the event. Our friendly, knowledgeable Weddings By Bellia staff will consult with you and help you choose from a wide selection of sample artwork, paper stock, textures and unique design elements. With our professional designs and high quality paper, the possibilities for your custom invitations are endless.

We’ll take care of the printing, stationery, and the rest of your print and design essentials, and help you deliver invitations that illustrate and share your love for one another. We can help create and print your other invites too…for bridal showers, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, bachelorette parties, whatever you need!

Most of our work is customized and we have no minimum orders. If you’re pressed for time, we can work your deadline into our schedule. And best of all, Bellia’s services are affordable…we can create a package that is within your likely strained budget!

Find out more about why we’re South Jersey’s wedding invitation headquarters. We are conveniently located in Glassboro and Woodbury, and the Bellia family of companies has been serving South Jersey for over 40 years. For your beautifully designed wedding invitations, bring your imagination and we’ll do the rest!

Reach out to Bellia Print & Design today to speak with a customer services representative, or click here to request a quote. We’re looking forward to creating a stunning invitation for your big day.

Where To Get Large Photographs Printed In South Jersey

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Bellia Print & Design is your professional and affordable answer to where to get large photographs printed in South Jersey. Whether you need large scale photographs printed for posters, trade show materials, or simply something to place on your wall at home, we can get it done for you. Our qualified staff and high end equipment enables us to print photographs in a wide range of sizes, for a beautiful large scale photo that captures everyone’s attention.

If you’re a business owner, you may have high resolution photos of your product that you would like to display in a coming trade show. Or maybe you’d like to add framed posters featuring your photos on the walls of your office. Or you’d like to make a large photo part of a banner for an event. Maybe you’re not a business owner…you would just like to frame a large photograph of your family, or a destination where you’ve been, and place it prominently on your wall at home.

With our wide format printer, we can handle any large photograph printing that you need. We offer various size and paper stock options, with Matte or Gloss coating. You can choose to have your photograph printed in color or black and white, and have it reproduced in most any size, including as a beautiful, eye-catching poster.

At Bellia, our service is designed for customization, from either of our two convenient offices in Woodbury and Glassboro. We don’t have any kind of minimum requirement on orders, and you’ll love our quick turnaround times, high paper and resolution quality, and of course, our affordable pricing!

When it comes to where to get large photographs printed in South Jersey, Bellia Print & Design is the easy choice. Contact us today or click here to request a quote. We’re looking forward to bringing you a printed photograph you’ll love to display, in your home or office!


Do you want to start a direct mail campaign?

Bryan Klugh November 15, 2019 direct mail

Do you want to start a direct mail campaign?


Deliver promotional materials straight to your target audience to most effectively market yourself or your company.

  • Capture large postal discounts by using our bulk mail postal permit for free
  • Let us pull a targeted list with your perfect prospective customer
  • Use custom variable data personalize each piece
  • Reach out to your customer base
Complete the Form Below for a Price

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South Jersey Wide Format Printing Companies

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Are you looking for top quality posters and materials for your office décor, trade show or promotional event? Bellia Print & Design is your top destination for South Jersey wide format printing companies. We can help you design and print wide format materials in multiple sizes, from 11*17 to 40*60 and multiple sizes in between, and create eye-catching posters, banners, and signs that get your prospects’ attention.

Maybe you need a poster for a coming trade show that makes you the business everyone wants to learn about. Or you’d like to create a banner to showcase your company for a special event. Or maybe you’d like to place large decals on your walls and windows to add your company message to your décor. Whatever your wide format printing needs, in various paper sizes and stock options, Bellia can get it done with our state of the art wide format printer and customize it to reflect your brand and message.

We can help you design your poster too…with bold, impressive colors and styles that capture the viewer’s eye. We employ top notch graphic designers who are experts in Photoshop and other publishing tools, and our designers work directly with you to ensure that your wide format print design is everything you wanted and more. We can update your existing design or create an entirely new one, all to your specifications with our personal graphic design touch added.

Bellia is always ready to customize your order from our two locations in Woodbury and Glassboro…we don’t have any minimum requirements on orders. You’ll love our quick turnaround times, consistent quality, and most of all, our affordable pricing!

Let Bellia be your choice for South Jersey wide format printing companies. Call us today or click here to request a quote for your posters, signs, banners and more. We’re here to help you and your message shine.

Do Right by Your Event

Andrew Bellia April 8, 2019 Events

Do Right by Your Event

We’ve all been to those events where you know the organization hosting it had the one employee with an extra hour in their day design and print the event flyers, tickets and/or program.

They did the best they could, and it worked for the moment. Maybe it saved them a few dollars in the end, too.

Here’s the thing…your event materials could play a role in attracting people to your event. In fact, they often do when they are carefully designed and printed.

It can be difficult to get people interested in your event. There is only so much your staff and/or volunteers can do to get people excited. When event materials are designed to standout and the printing is high-quality, it gives you a head-start.

This is what you get with Bellia Print and Design.

What materials are we talking about?

  • Invitations
  • Postcards
  • Flyers
  • Tickets
  • Programs

What kind of events are we thinking of?

  • Fundraisers
  • Festivals
  • Community Events
  • Award Receptions / Ceremonies
  • Workshops and Seminars

Plus, we can take it a step further for your organization and handle the mailing of any direct mail pieces you are doing for your event.

Events come with many moving pieces that need to be managed. Let a professional print and design company take care of your printing, designing and direct mailing so you can focus on event details.


Have a project you’re ready to get started on? Get in touch with us here >>


~ The Bellia Print & Design Team 

Graduation Annoucements

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Graduation season is fast approaching. Have you thought about sending out announcements?  If you are still thinking about it, here are 5 reasons why it is a must.


  1. Your child, whether they are graduating from 8th grade, high school, or college has achieved a milestone.  You deserve to brag and boast to family and friends about how proud you feel.
  2. Family and friends will appreciate it! They will love that you wanted to share in the big news with them.
  3. If it is a college graduation, this is a great way to help your child network.  Many of your family and friends may have positions in your child’s field, so an announcement is the first step in creating connections.
  4. It is a keepsake. As you document the story of your child’s life, a graduation announcement is an important part of it.  Years down the road, it will be the perfect way to look back on a major accomplishment and an exciting time in your lives.
  5. A perfect way to say thank you.  Often times, many people along the way have helped your child become the person he/she is.  So, informing them with the news is a great way to let them know how important they were in your child’s accomplishment.


Are you ready to get a jumpstart on your graduation announcements?  Bellia Print and Design can help. We are experienced printers, so you can be sure that not only will you get the highest quality printed announcements, but our printing experts will give you advice and guidance to make them extra special. Give us a call today to get started!

3 reasons why you should use a direct marketing campaign

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You might be thinking that a direct marketing campaign isn’t worth the trouble.  Think again! Direct marketing is still very relevant and very effective.

Here are the top 3 reasons to use direct marketing to reach your customers:

  1. It’s personal. When you use direct mail, you can address your customers by name and respond to their personal needs. Direct mail offers the personal touch that social media is often missing.
  2. It’s targeted.  You choose who, when and where your mail will go.  Also, when you choose the right printer, they will help you to purchase targeted lists, so you will find and reach your ideal customers easily.
  3. It’s customizable. Direct mail is easily customizable to suit your marketing needs.  You can choose from all shapes and sizes, from postcards, brochures, letters and so much more.  

Bellia Print and Design has the expertise to help you create the perfect message.  We know what it takes to get your project done on time and within your budget. By combining our high quality, in-house print solutions and a guaranteed accurate database of listings we ensure that your mailing reaches your target on time.  Give us a call today to get you started!

3 Tips For When You Are Making Your Wedding Invitations

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When you are ready to pick out the perfect invitation for your wedding, it can sometimes be as stressful as finding the perfect dress. What will set the tone for your entire wedding is the invitation.  With so many styles, fonts and sizes, the task can seem monumental. Here are three tips that might make things a little easier.


  1. Decide on a wedding theme.  Before you can even think about your invitation, it is important to figure out what type of wedding you are going to have.  Will it be romantic, urban chic, beachy, or rustic? The invitation will give your guests a chance to get excited and get a sneak peak into what to expect from your wedding.


  1. Choose an experienced printer. When you choose a high quality printer, they will have templates in which you can choose a design from or they will have a graphic designer on site to custom make your wedding invitation.  Additionally, they have the experience and know-how to help you choose your font and layout. If they are experienced, they know what is trending with weddings, and know what will suit your theme perfectly.


  1. Stay on budget..  Wedding invites can add up and are often very expensive.  Setting up a realistic invitation budget is necessary. When determining your budget, you will need to consider quantity, embellishments, paper quality, envelopes and more.  


At Bella Print and Design, our experienced staff has been helping customers for over 4 decades.  We understand that the details of your wedding day or are important and we know what it takes to create, print and deliver a package that will make your day memorable.   Call us today for a free quote!