Wedding Programs

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While wedding programs are completely optional, they are a nice way of keeping your guests in the know, telling them what to expect, and allowing them to follow along during the ceremony. Plus they make excellent reading material as your guests wait for the ceremony to begin.

Your wedding program can be as formal or informal as you like, depending on the type of wedding you are having.  The order of information should follow the timeline of the ceremony, and all programs should at least include the name of the couple, wedding date and location.

Keep your program simple on a single card by just including an itinerary, names of those in the wedding party, and titles of readings and musical pieces/songs.

Or fill the pages with your love story, a message to guests thanking them for being with you on your special day, and honoring those who are not. You can also add pictures, explain religious and/or cultural traditions, and share the relationships between you and your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Have fun with your program and be as creative as you’d like! Bellia Print + Design has many different paper options, and an excellent graphic design team that will help you tailor your program to your wedding.  

5 Ways To Use Stickers In Business

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Stickers are not just for child’s play! They can be used as a cost-effective marketing tool, offering much versatility, while creating brand awareness.  Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate stickers into your marketing efforts:

Product Packaging: Use a sticker as an information source to give the details/instructions about your product. Or include your store name and info on a sticker, and turn a plain paper bag into a decorative one for your customers’ purchases.

Handouts at Events: People love free swag, and stickers are fun! Especially if it has a creative, bright design.  This is an easy way to get your company info out there.

Name Badges: If your company has a big conference coming up, and you don’t want to deal with safety pins or lanyards, go with the classic sticker badge.

With Purchase: When a customer purchases an item, add a sticker in their bag that features the company’s information. Once they realize how much they love their purchase, they just might pass the sticker on to a friend.

General Marketing:  Include your company name, website, and phone number on the sticker.  Put them in visible spots such as your briefcase, or hand them out to passerby and see where they end up.

Don’t worry about coming up with a design– Bellia Print & Design has a talented graphic design team that can create a unique sticker for you!

Tips For Attracting Customers To Your Craft Show Booth

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Are you making the rounds at craft shows and art fairs this season? Stand out from the crowds with a bold, creative and inviting booth. Here are some things you can do to attract customers when it comes to setting up that stand:

Hang an awesome banner: Make it pop with bold colors and creative imagery to intrigue potential customers enough that they want to come over and see what’s inside. Display your banner in a spot where it can be easily seen.

Use a backdrop: With a custom backdrop you can make your customers feel like they are at a quaint boutique, instead of at a festival with hundreds of other vendors and a huge crowd.

Provide business cards: Art fairs and craft shows are busy, and people may get distracted. Keep a stack of business cards on the table where they are easily accessible. Make sure to include a website, so the  potential customer can check out your offerings at a later time.

Have brochures readily available: People may want to know your background and/or information about your items. If you are busy with other customers, your brochure may answer their questions and help them decide if they’d like to buy.

Display signage: Make it easy for the customer to know what they are looking at and what the price is with clear, custom signage.

At Bellia Print & Design we have a fantastic team of experienced graphic designers who can help you create unified branding and a great design to bring the most customers into your booth.

Effective Postcard Design Tips

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Effective postcard design is more important than even the printing of the postcard. Postcards can have many roles, from opening announcements, to appointment reminders, to new product announcements, to business information.  With no envelope to open, postcards are often seen by the intended recipient.

Here are some postcard design tips:

  • Fill one side with bright, bold, colorful graphics and/or photos to stand out from the barrage of mail your customers receive daily.
  • Keep it simple. There’s not too much room on a postcard so keep your message short and to the point.
  • Include a call to action. This could be as easy as asking customers to head to your website.
  • Include the link to your website, contact information, company name and logo

With various types of card stock, sizes and finishing options you can transform the look and feel of your postcard, and customize it to your needs.  If you are looking to place a small order – that’s no problem! Our professional graphic artists are here to help bring any vision to life with a bold, impressive postcard design.  

Learn More About Our Graphic Design Services>>>

Community and Customer Service

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At Belli Print and Design, we care about our customers. Because customers are vital to our success, we focus on providing quality service so that our customers know that the most important aspect of our business is exceed our customer’s expectations..

Our family owned and operated company was started 42 years ago and at the core, Bellia Print and Design is a family.  Our customers are like family too. When we work with our customers, we listen first and then give special attention to meeting their specific needs and expectations. From helping a bride create the perfect wedding day to helping businesses create branded materials to deliver their message to clientele, we strive to understand exactly what our customers want and need. We always go above and beyond to ensure that whatever our customers’ printing needs are, accomplishing it is a little bit easier because they are working with Bellia Print and Design.

Because our community is so important to us, and we strive everyday to give you the best quality service for your printing and design needs, we would love to be voted as the Best of Gloucester County. Please take the time to give us your vote!

Bellia Named Best Places to work in New Jersey

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Bellia Enterprises, the parent company of Bellia Print and Design, was named one of NJBIZ’s Best Places to work in New Jersey. The award identifies, recognizes, and honors companies that benefit, and stimulate, the state’s economy and workforce.

As a third generation family owned and operated business creating a positive work environment for our employees is incredibly important to us. Even though we have grown and expanded over the past 40 plus years, our ideals and principles of integrity, quality of service, community involvement, and providing a family atmosphere remain the same.

Here at Bellia Print and Design we are dedicated to providing our customers, and the community, quality, professional materials and superior customer service, at a reasonable price. We also offer full service direct mailing, graphic design, and high-end printed materials for special events.

We are proud to be one of the Best Places to work in New Jersey. Contact us to discuss your business needs today, 856-845-2234.

Best Places to work in New Jersey

Graphic Design for Wedding Invitations

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Getting Married in South Jersey? Have you considered professional graphic design for wedding invitations. As a family owned and operated business we at Bellia Print & Design thoroughly enjoy helping our clients prepare for and celebrate momentous occasions. Our talented in-house graphic designers and customer service team will work with you throughout the entire process to ensure your wedding stationery suite is everything you imagined it to be.

Bellia Graphic Design for Wedding Invitations

We have a number of templates to choose from, but if none of them fit your vision exactly, our graphic designers will work with you to create a design that fits you and your theme perfectly. Our artists specialize in the latest digital design platforms and are dedicated to creating designs that are sure to impress your guests and set the tone for your special day. We will help you illustrate and share your love for one another with the creative printed details.

If you are not completely sure what type of stationery best suits your event or theme, our designers will happy to discuss your ideas with you to get a better understanding of what you are looking for. With our talented artists, anything is possible.

We offer a complete professional graphic design for wedding invitations including announcements, invitations, RSVP cards, custom envelopes, and more. Our team of experts will design, print, and assemble all of your wedding stationery.

For more information on our graphic design services and Events by Bellia, contact us today!

Our printing services- more than just stationery

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At Bellia Print & Design we offer an extensive list of printing services. While we pride ourselves on being your local copy and print shop, our experience and high-end printing press allow us to print and prepare all of your marketing and business needs.

From business cards and stationery to brochures and flyers your projects will be completed in-house. Our Canon imagePRESS C8000VP Series Color Digital Press has the highest quality color printing rating of any printer in the industry and it is the most reliable printing press on the market. It prints up to 11 2400×2400 dpi letter-size images per minute on a number of different media weights. It prints in black and white and color, and thanks to the amazing resolution, it will help bring your images to life. It also offers real-time automatic color control and adjustments, more accurate calibration, and a streamlined workflow thanks to the extremely powerful front-end computer.

Thanks to our fleet of machines, we are equipped to handle all of your stationery needs including business cards, blueprints, booklets, catalogues and training manuals, posters, signs, and tradeshow material, along with a number of other specialty items like invoices and stickers. Along with our full color digital presses, we also have large format color machines, a blueprint copier and scanner, and a grey scale digital press.

By trusting Bellia with all of your printing needs we can ensure a cohesive, professional look, and a fast turnaround time thanks to our printing capabilities. We also have a talented team of artists and marketing professionals on staff available to update your graphics and brand image.

Give us a call today to discuss your printing needs and see how we can help take your business to the next level, 856-845-2234 (Woodbury) or 856-582-4004 (Glassboro). You can also always request a quote or more information through our website,  


Here’s why you should choose Bellia Print and Design

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Bellia Print and Design is a family owned and operated business that understands the importance of professionalism and efficiency. We work hard to ensure your printing needs are met in timely manner and with excellent quality by dedicated employees using top of the line equipment.

Just last year we upgraded to the Canon imagePRESS C8000VP Series Color Digital Press, the most reliable, highest rated printer on the market. You can feel confident handing your documents over to us knowing that the prints will be of the highest quality (for more information on this printer visit our blog here,

Because we print everything in house, we can closely monitor the output to ensure the quality meets our standards. It also helps us to ensure your project will be done on time, regardless of its size since we don’t have any minimum requirements and offer quick turnaround times.  

Thanks to our high-end equipment we can provide our customers with consistent quality and affordable and competitive pricing. As members of the South Jersey business community for over 40 years we have established relationships with our clients, businesses, and residents in the area, and we are dedicated to providing excellent service in order to maintain those relationships. Stop in either of our two locations in Glassboro or Woodbury or request a quote to see how we can personally help you!

Is it time to refresh your brand image?

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When is it appropriate to refresh your brand image? In previous posts we’ve talked about taking some time to think about your 2017 business goals and then breaking them down into smaller plans and departmental goals. Now that your goals have been identified and mapped out, it’s time to start working towards achieving them.

What are you hoping to accomplish with this year’s marketing plan? Are you hoping to gain new clients and increase output? Do you want to get more out of current customers? Did 20016 numbers come in lower than you expected? Maybe it’s time for a strategy overhaul.

Have you considered rebranding? Or even to just refresh your brand image in some of your marketing materials to give your business a new look or perspective? Our in house graphic designers are experts in their field and they know what type of imagery will grab people’s attention. They specialize in the latest digital design platforms and they will work directly with you through the process to refresh your brand and ensure that your company’s message is what you envisioned.

For more information about Bellia’s graphic design services, and why it’s important to hire a professional, check out our blog post, 5 Reasons TO Use A Graphic Designer or Contact Us Here.